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1. DST sponsored National Seminar on ‘Career in Science for women, challenges & opportunities” :17th -18th March 2009

2. Brainstorming session on “Programmes and Projects for Women Scientists in Kerala”-  :27th July 2009

3. Role model programme- Felicitation to Dr. Tessy Thomas :3rd October 2009

4.Workshop on Reasearch Methodology

5.Seminars and invited talks

6.Career advancement programme

7. DST sponsored National Seminar on : “Role of Women in Combating climate change"  : 7th -8th January 2010

8. Role model programme- presentation of women Young Scientist awardees  :21st April 2010

9. Invited talk: "The Chromosome Woman : E K Janaki Ammal and the Re-ordering of the South Asian Environment (1897-1984) by Dr. Savithry Preetha Nair. : 15th June 2010

10. Career Advancement Seminar for Women Scientists- Prof. Vikramadithya Duggal, ASCI, Hyderabad   :22nd September 2010


National Seminars on "Career in science for women-challenges and opportunities"
National Seminars on "Role of women in combating climate change"


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