Eligibility for Scholarship Renewal

i.   Prathibha Scholars are selected during the 1st year of their U.G. course based on their merit in Science Subjects in the Higher Secondary
ii. Students who have availed Prathibha Scholarship during all three years of U.G. course are only eligible to apply for continuation of the
     scholarship for P.G. course.
iii.Those who are availing Prathibha Scholarship should not accept or hold an other scholarship for the same course of study (In case student decide
     to accept any other higher level scholarship for the current course at a later date the Prathibha Scholarship should be refunded to KSCSTE with
     immediate effect).
iv. Renewal of scholarship for 2nd & 3rd year of U.G. course & 2nd year P.G. course is subject to scoring min 60% mark during previous academic
v.  Renewal of scholarship for 1st year P.G. course is subject to passing the U.G. course with minimum 75% marks in aggregate (In the case of
     Integrated Courses the student should have score minimum 75% marks during the 1st 3 years).
vi.There should not be any break in study during the entire 5 year period of availing the scholarship.