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Science and Technology play a vital role in the development strategy in various sections of the society. Full utilization of sufficient number of educated and trained women in Science and Technology is an economic and effective option to meet the challenges in development. In Kerala, though the State has the highest women literates, their representation in Science career is relatively low.

To respond to the call for increased participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture & Medicine(STEAM), KSCSTE has launched the Women Scientists Division (WSD). The objective of the Division is to provide an institutional framework for coordinating and implementing various programmes so as to bring in more women into Science & Technology, thereby utilizing their talents and potential for economic development. The key strategy of the Division is to identify and implement various schemes and programmes that help to attract and retain women and girls in S&T fields and motivate them to pursue career in these fields.

"Database of Women in Science in Kerala"

The Women Scientists Division, KSCSTE has launched an online database of Women in Science in Kerala. This resourse base directory aims to compile information on women's representation and their expertise in different areas of S&T fields at academic and professional level.

To register in the online Database of Women Scientists in Kerala
Please Click the link below
Contact Us
The Director
Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE)
Sastra Bhavan, Pattom
Phone: 0471-2548208,2548346


National Seminars on "Career in science for women-challenges and opportunities"
National Seminars on "Role of women in combating climate change"


Women Achievers in Science
Proceedings of 27th KSC
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