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1.VSORT 1.Career advancement programme for scientists
2.Awareness Programme 2.Documentary - KSCSTE Programmes for Women in Science
3.Prathibha Scholarship Award Function 2014-15  
4.Prathibha Scholars 2012-13  
4.Prathibha Scholars 2013-14  
5.Prathibha Scholars 2014-15  
6.Prathibha Scholars 2015-16  
7.Prathibha Scholars 2016-17  
8.Prathibha Scholars 2017-18  
9.Inauguration of the National Seminar Role of Women in Combating Climate Change  
10.Felicitation to Dr.Tessy Thomas  
11.Invited talk: The Chromosome Woman : E K Janaki Ammal and the Re- ordering of the South Asian Environment (1897-1984)by Dr. Savithry Preetha Nair  
12.Career advancement programme for scientists  
13.Prathibha Scholarship Award Function 2012-13  
14.Research methodology workshop  
15.International women's day celebration 2011  
16.Womens young scientist's meet 2010  
17.Prathibha Scholarship Scheme and Website on   Women in Science in Kerala  


National Seminars on "Career in science for women-challenges and opportunities"
National Seminars on "Role of women in combating climate change"


Women Achievers in Science
Proceedings of 27th KSC
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